Paul and Dorothy Gutierrez are a husband and wife pottery
artisans specializing in figurative pottery from the Santa Clara Pueblo. Paul "White Corn" Gutierrez
was born in 1940 as Santa Clara-Tewa.

Dorothy "Corn Maiden" Gutierrez
is a Navajo, who married into Paul's Santa Clara family. Paul's grandparents were Lela and Van Gutierrez. and his father was Luther Gutierrez, all renowned Santa Clara potters.

They have two sons, Paul Gutierrez Jr. and Gary Gutierrez, who has made a name on his own as a Santa Clara potter.

Paul and Dorothy learned the art of working with clay as children. They both work using traditional methods - gathering and refining clay, creating figures and firing so that the clay is turned black by the carbon in the fuel. Their creations are unique, very collectible and highly valued.

Santa Clara Pueblo is located north of Santa Fe, NM , near
the Puye Cliffs, which are sacred to Santa Clarans.