Cochiti Pottery

PN25 Cochiti Vangie Suina pottery storyteller


Native American Cochiti Pueblo Vangie Suina pottery storyteller in Pueblo clay. Maiden sits with drum while singing her story to 10 children. This classic is in Vangie Suina ultra-white slip. 5.5" x 3.25" x 4"

Visit additional info to view a 360 degree video presentation of this storyteller.

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Additional Info

"Vangie" Suina, born in 1959, has been making pottery since she was 22 years old, using traditional pottery techniques taught to her by her mother Louise Suina.

As background, Cochiti Helen Cordero (dec), made figures she called "Singing Mothers". They seated female figures with open mouths as if singing to children.  In 1964, Helen used her grandfather as male model in the pose that gave birth to the storyteller concept. According to Helen, she "believes that the true storyteller is a male figure and that female figures are properly called 'Singing Mothers." (Storytellers and Other Figurative Pottery, Condone-Martin). Today, "Storytellers" appear in many  forms including clowns ("kosharis) and animals surrounded by children. Many different tribes and pueblos now  make storytellers, which are collected by lovers of American Indian are around the globe.