Native American Nativity Sets

PN57C Native American Cochiti Annette Romero Pottery, Nativity Set, 12 pcs


Annette Romero Pottery, Nativity Set. 12 pieces in pueblo clay. Mary, Joseph, Jesus, three wise men, one angel and three farm animals from the stable. 6" tallest

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Annette Romero lives with her husband/sculptor,
Wilson Romero on the Pueblo de Cochiti . She has
been making pueblo pottery irregularly since the ‘80s,
Her most frequent subject matter is storytellers,
a traditional subject for Cochitii artists.

This Nativity was made as a special favor for us.
The materials come from the Pueblo and the area
near her home. She digs her own clay and then
hand builds each piece. As she strolls with her
husband looking for stones to carve, she also
collects dried cow manure for fuel to fire her pottery.