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Acoma Pottery

PE87 Acoma Pueblo Aragon kokpelli seedpot


Native American Acoma seedpot, white slip with multiple kokopelli images. by DJ Aragon
2" x 3" diameter

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PE87-Acoma-Aragon seedpot.jpg

Additional Info

Delores M. Aragon was born in 1969 and was named after her grandmother, Delores Sanchez a respected potter.  Delores, who signs her pottery, "DJ Aragon" began making as a child. By watching her grandmother (Delores) and her mother, Marie Junanico. DJ became an accomplished potter in her own right. Her mother-in-law, Wanda Aragon, also helped DJ master traditional Acoma techniques.

Delores (DJ) is quoted as saying, " My grandmother and those before her were strong in keeping the spirit and tradition alive." leading her to believe that one must feel the spirit of pottery deep in one's heart.