Acoma Pottery

PK03 Acoma Aggie Henderson siblings pottery storyteller


Native American Acoma storyteller of a brother and sister in Pueblo clay by Aggie Henderson -
1.38" x 2" 

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Additional Info

Aggie Henderson was born in 1973.  Aggie was raised in the Acoma Pueblo, although she is half Apache and half Pima. Aggie began working in pottery at 15. Her mother-in-law, Marilyn Ray-Henderson, inspired her continue and grow as an artist.

Marilyn Ray-Henderson taught Aggie all about pottery making, from where to dig up the clay, how to clean, fine and shape it,, how to paint and fire her pottery in the old ways. Aggie signs her pottery as Aggie, Acoma NM, followed by the year it was created.