Choctaw Pottery

PJ91 Choctaw Randall Chitto pottery bear with drum


Native American Choctaw Randall Chitto created this pottery black bear figure beating a drum, leather pouch is at the neck and drum beater is in the left paw.  8" tall

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Additional Info

Chitto grew up in Chicago after his family
moved from Choctaw reservation in Mississippi.
He is well known for his pottery effigies.
He traditionally builds turtles, the keeper
of stories and history. In this instance, however,
he has created a bear with a drum, a beater
and a pouch hanging from a strap around its
neck. Randy claims to have been making art
since he was a small child, drawing designs
in the dirt under the porch of his Mississippi
home. "I never wanted to be a doctor or lawyer.
It was always just art. I could feel something
inside me wanting and needing to be expressed."